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Welcome To I Pinjam

Life sprung up surprises with unexpected situations and unfortunately urgent money will be needed.

We fully understand the anxiety of customers when they are awaiting loan approval and frustration of studying different loan packages when looking for a short term loan. These few factors bring us understand the need of a simple, but yet flexible short term loan package for our customers.

Reasons Why You Should Apply Personal Loans From Us

  • 1. Instant Cash

  • 2. Competitive Interest Rate

  • 3. Monthly Instalment

  • 4. Foreigners Welcome

  • 5. Loan Recurring Plan

  • 6. No Upfront Administration Fee

  • 7. No Minimum Income Requirement

  • 8. No Advance Instalment Deduction

Applying a loan online is free of charge, fast and simple approval. No more hassle documents which you need to fax or e-mail to us. Most importantly, it’s private and confidential! Just give us a call , when you think you need the loan, we will arrange the loan to be processed right away. Don’t hesitate! Apply now to fulfil your financial need.

Interest Rate
- 1% per month collateral, 1.5% per month without collateral
- 12% per year collateral, 18% per year without collateral
- Repayment period : From 6 months to 60 months.
*Example : Loan RM 10,000 without Collateral, Repayment 12 month, then the monthly repayment is : RM 983.33
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Our Address:

Menara Uncang Emas,
No.85 Jalan Loke Yew,
55200 Kuala Lumpur.

E-mail: enquiry@ipinjam.com.my